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City of Parma and University of Parma together for “Parma Città Universitaria”: making Parma a city increasingly suitable for university students by creating a model of community suitable for students.

This is the basic idea of ​​the project launched by the two entities. In May 2019 a significant stage has been reached with the signing of an agreement, to give even more value to a concept that is not meant to be just a slogan. Indeed, not all cities can boast the plus represented by a University: an undisputed added value, on which think and plan together - administrators and citizens - paths for the future.

Every day, more than 26 thousand university students experience the city and its spaces, using public transport services, gathering in the squares, studying in libraries, enjoying the beauty of the green areas. Every day, living in Parma, they contribute to build the city of tomorrow, together with the Municipality and the University. 

Services and opportunities for students, participation, openness to citizenship, inclusion, integration, culture, sustainability are just some of the key words.

Several commitments have been made with the agreement by the two entities, which will then further decline them in specific implementation agreements. Single and joint commitments: individual and "team" objectives.




To implement the agreement, an ad hoc working group has been set up, made up of representatives of both Municipality and University. The group will meet at least every two months.

"Parma Città Universitaria" is an idea open to the whole city: associations, organizations, public and private institutions and commercial companies will be able to submit a request to join the project, of which they can become partners.

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