Before Coming to Parma



No Visa is required for EU Citizens. Persons staying for periods over 3 months, such as students, are to state their stay at the Municipality, provided that they meet the provisions as set for forth below. We strongly encourage you to prepare and make arrangements for the necessary documents in timely fashion as to avoid any possible inconveniences later on. 

  1. Have a temporary domicile in the Municipality of Parma.
  2. Have an ID from his home country.
  3. Have the European Health Insurance Card (TEAM) or another insurance that should cover health risks.
  4. Have sufficient financial resources (their own or put at their disposal by third parties).
  5. Have the necessary documentation to certify the temporary nature of their stay (i.e. University enrolment, whereby is certified the temporary nature of their efforts).




Please get informed in timely fashion on the rules and documents needed for your arrival and stay in Italy. 

Generally, non-EU citizens need a study visa. No visa is required in the following cases:

  • Non-EU citizens already possessing long-term residence permit issued by another EU Country.
  • Non-EU citizens exempt from the visa regime and whose stay in Italy shall be under 90 days 

In order to find out whether a study visa is required, please visit the Italian Ministry for Foreign Affaires and International Cooperation website. We also strongly advise you to contact the Italian Embassy or Consulate at your country of residence. 

The visa is requested at the Italian Embassy or Consulate at the country of residence, presenting a document previously issued by the University of Parma certifying the student’s participation at the exchange programme. 

The students that need a letter of acceptance (invitation letter) from the University of Parma for visa purposes should contact in timely fashion the Erasmus International Home at (at least 2 months beforehand) and provide the necessary information using the appropriate Excel sheet


The University of Parma has an agreement on Health Insurance for foreign students with one of the global leaders, AON. 

We encourage our students to get full coverage though the ICS Complete policy (at a cost of €1,31/day), covering: 

  • Medical costs -this includes urgent dental help
  • Repatriation, extra costs and 24/7 emergency assistance helpline
  • Liability
  • Home contents and baggage
  • Accidents
  • Legal aid

For further information on all the types of student insurance is available at the link below.