Upon Your Arrival in Parma




The European Health Insurance Card (TEAM), issued by the student’s home country, gives right to state health assistance to foreign citizens from other EU countries, under the same conditions and same costs as to the citizens of the host Country. 

In Italy, the TEAM allows you to get direct services at the public and private health establishments associated with the National Health Service (SSN), comprising a network of Local Health Companies (ASL). Under “Direct Services” we refer to free of charge healthcare, except for the payment of a “ticket” (costs participation). The card allows for medical visits and prescriptions from doctors associated with the National Health Service. For further information please visit: Health Ministry Portal




Non-EU students staying for periods over 90 days are to apply for a study residence permit within 8 working days from their entry in the country (date mentioned on the entry stamp in their passport). 

The documents required are as mentioned below, the cost of the residence permit being of approximately 120 EUR. 

  • Copy of the (entire) passport;
  • A statement on the housing conditions and an official document certifying the enrolment at the Italian University (for the exchange students, a copy of the Acceptance Letter issued by the University of Parma, presented for Visa purposes at the Italian Embassy at their Home Country, with visa approval by said Embassy);
  • Health Insurance policy valid for Italy for the duration of the stay;
  • Certificate of sufficient means for travel and stay (ex. bank statement, scholarship certificate containing the monthly amounts etc.).

The application is sent to the Police office competent for the territory via a Postal office of Poste Italiane, using the appropriate kit for the purpose that is available at the post office. At the time of application, the Post Office shall make an appointment at the Immigration Office at the Parma Police (the competent authority for issuing the residence permits is the State Police - Polizia di Stato). At the said appointment, it is possible to supply additional documents to be integrated to the ones already sent (i.e. UniPREnrolment Certificate, Apartment Lease Agreement) 

The Erasmus International Home can provide assistance in filling out the application. 

Once the application has been made, the student is obliged to provide the Erasmus International Home with a copy of the receipt, and subsequently a copy of the Residence Permit. 


The Non-EU students need a health insurance policy for the duration of their stay, issued either at their home country or immediately upon their arrival in Italy. 

The foreign citizens with a residence permit or who have filed a residence permit application can enroll at the national Health Insurance Service (SSN) by contacting the local ASL office. Said enrolment has a fixed annual cost and offers all the services provided by the SSN as offered to Italian citizens. Please note that the SSN enrolment is valid for one calendar year (Jan 1stto Dec 31st) and cannot be fractioned.